What You Crave vs What You Need

  • Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
  • Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
  • Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
  • Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
  • Cookies: Freudian psychology.
  • Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
  • Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
  • Ice: The sweet release of death.

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DNP weightloss drug from the 60’s and 70’s is still banned, but apparently still in use.

How it works:

Basically, (from what ive learnt) is it blunts the use of Hydrogen ions that are used to produce cellular energy ATP to about 50%.

So this means your body has to use twice the amount of glucose to produce the same quantity of ATP.

Seems simple and harmless enough? WRONG!  its effectiveness is far out weighed by its harmful side effects, which if taken incorrectly, can kill you. the precision of dosage means that if you take too much, your body doesnt have enough energy (ATP) to keep your organs functioning. Heres one guys experience.

Just another reason why quick fixes are anything but quick fixes….you always pay in the end. All the more reason to stay on the high fruit, high raw lifestyle - to heal your body! getting working top notch so it can release all the icky fat naturally and keep it off forever!! … inside first, then the outside follows. **dreams of peach bums and jiggle-free everything**

Fruit provides vitamins, and easy to assimilate carbohydrates that to keep us going, stimulate our metabolism and provides the energy our cells need to repair past damage. And greens provide the alkalinity and minerals to promote cellular repair. 

Remember it takes TIME, but once you get there, its an effortless energetic lean body life from there in!! the process is different for every one. if you feel your genes are against you, remember you can change your DNA through lifestyle practices….but it takes TIME! be consistent, continually improve your habits, find what does and doesn’t work for you!


so after all that, and after i said id be posting a daily food diary, i hit a financial snag and havnt had access to a heap of fruit. sorry guys!! …and sorry tummy!! Now that ive resorted my budget and now  its warming up here i feel motivated to get it on! fruity style! winkwink ;) ;) 



best photoset I’ve ever seen

I like to think he is whinging about how there’s no bananas down there…and then someone says there is, and then he’s happy.

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…? ..yes, no, yes. no, ok lets do it together

ok, i admit it. IM SCARED TO EAT MORE!

especially since lately I feel like my body is starting to lean out in places…and i feel pretty stocked about that, even though it only subtle changes, its so cool to see parts of your body look better then ever before…

omg, i actually have nice shaped shoulders and my skin looks all silky like a wanna rub all over it and fucking hell silhouette is actually kinda hot….when i shave this little bit of jelly off my hips...’ hehehe.and its constantly like this now-  Each morning I wake up, give myself a mirror check, and i think ‘i can see it happening, i could actually be one of these amazingly hot fruity ladies…it could be meeee!’ before id have ‘skinny days’ and ‘puffy watery days’ (nicer then saying ‘fat days’ but they were fat days) now, i never feel like im having a fat day. ever. :D

My stomach (lower abdomen) is regularly flatter and less ‘watery’ looking even when im slightly bloated bc i ate something i knew i shouldn’t have, and also my upper arms look smaller :)   - I should say i think i look skinnier, because sometimes i feel skinny in some spots and puffier in others…(but dont actively measure/weigh myself). This could be possibly due to my lack or self control with sodium….soy saaaauce i loooove you, you salty delicious bastard…i think that can be a trap with cooked carbs, often low fat but for me can be high sodium…and i know i feel slightly more marshmellowy around the hips when I’ve had a few days of sushi.  

So anyways, I have realised I’m getting hungrier on my usual calorie intake, which is on the typical lower side (of what is recommended by freelee) usually I hit 1800-2000 because I’m restricted by my budget. I dont cronometer daily, but I know when I eat cooked food, I instinctually eat less. And, because of my lectin sensitivity (thanks body, you jerk hole) im restricted to white rice which isnt really nutritionally rich, despite being so damn good flavour wise and versatile. So maybe im hungrier bc the rice is displacing nutrients? maybe. i always eat it with lettuce boats though!! ——————>on a side note, i got my omnivore BF to eat sushi with lettuce boats =D =D i was strangely aroused!  ”…oooh yeah, get those nutritious greens in your mouth…all the way in, stuff it in, shuv it all in!… YOU BEAST!!" …i digress….. back on point i figured i should try to eat more and see how my body goes.

Im going to do this by adding in a big fruit smoothie inbetween lunch and dinner. which will also up my water intake. = 2 smoothies per day with 1L h20 in each as many bananas to get the right sweetness (usually 7) and another few cups of frozen fruit like blueberrys or mango.

SOOoooo, if you’ve been too scared to up your calories or worried about over or under eating in your cooked carb meal/s - DO TWO DAILY SMOOTHIES WITH ME! one AM one PM. (i may not do every day but maybe every second day when i have my cooked meals, see how i go, i like to be flexible)

I’ve also just now decided, that as often as i remember im going to post a diary of what i eat in a day, to make me more accountable, and so you guys can see i dont stick to all the rules all the time, - its about the long term.

There is a lot of ‘rules’ to this lifestyle, so much that sometimes it can feel like im back in my high school days of fads and restrictive diets. 9usually when im undercarbed and slipping into a different state of mind) AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! and i figure as long as i continually try to improve the way I eat, i will enjoy the journey as much as the destination even if it take me a little longer to get there. 

RECAP: 1 extra daily 1L water & fruit smoothies in addition to my usual intake to up my calories, nutrients and water!

HUZZAH! carbing like a boss.

If you have little improvements to make do it! make september your month to improve something you know you need to work on. This is pretty much how ive transitioned and got better at doing the HCLFV thing. 

Don’t shit on yourself and say ‘i cant do it, im not doing the lifestyle properly, im shit, im weak, i cant do it, blah blah’ make baby step improvements for yourself. i thought i would never be free of bread and peanut butter, but i broke free by focusing on that one thing for a month (or 2!) and now i dont need them :) 

Thanks for being my follower, it helps me to stay on track knowing there are other people out there who may get some help/support/guidance/laughs from my ever on going struggle journey to being just another raw girl.

peas out you sexy fruity peeps xo

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This photo really made me cry, is soo tiny and defenseless :(


This photo really made me cry, is soo tiny and defenseless :(

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My fav gif ever

Be nice to the aninals , they might turn one day ;P hehe


My fav gif ever

Be nice to the aninals , they might turn one day ;P hehe

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Wednesday Wednesday

OMFG. I can&#8217;t even talk. I&#8217;m going to have to save so hard to get all of these! But, wait, I have another haul of bananas dates and lettuce coming up&#8230;😂😂😂😂 what to dooooooooo?!  #studentlyfe

OMFG. I can’t even talk. I’m going to have to save so hard to get all of these! But, wait, I have another haul of bananas dates and lettuce coming up…😂😂😂😂 what to dooooooooo?! #studentlyfe